Estate Accounting Solutions offers a unique combination of expertise and personal service in preparing the accountings for estates, trusts, conservatorships, and guardianships. With a commitment to accuracy, completeness, attention to detail, integrity, and confidentiality, Estate Accounting Solutions will exceed your expectations with every deliverable. We will keep you informed of progress, and will present you with the highest quality end product. Estate Accounting Solutions is a certified public accountant with experience in accounting and estate administration and settlement. Let us prepare your court-required accountings, and you can rest assured that the proper attention and expertise has been given to you and/or your clients.


Estate Accounting Solutions is a niche accounting service that provides expertise in accounting and estate administration. If you are an estate or trust attorney, or a professional private fiduciary, let Estate Accounting Solutions prepare your court-required accountings for you. We specialize in accountings for estates, trusts, conservatorships, and guardianships. On an hourly basis, or for the entirety and duration of an estate, trust, conservatorship or guardianship, Estate Accounting Solutions can provide you with the assurance that the accountings are prepared by a highly competent, licensed, and experienced individual. Paralegals often prepare these accountings but lack the accounting experience to prepare these accountings as efficiently as possible. Get more for your money by hiring Estate Accounting Solutions.

Kelly J. Pinckard, CPA, is dynamic, experienced, and proactive. She is highly regarded in her field, and is known for establishing and maintaining excellent client relationships. Let Estate Accounting Solutions, take care of your estate and trust accounting needs from hereon. Please call us at (757) 961-5087 to schedule a no-obligation meeting with Kelly Pinckard. She looks forward to hearing from you and meeting you.