Our History

Estate Accounting Solutions was born of humble beginnings when it’s owner and principal CPA, Kelly J. Pinckard, was faced with the emotional and arduous task of administering her mother’s estate back in 2006. At the age of 29, Kelly had quit her job as a CPA and consultant to move back to her home state to become the primary caretaker for her mother during her illness.

Performing much of the same duties as a conservator during her mother’s illness, as well as probating her mother’s estate after her death, Kelly realized, as a CPA, that the role of conservator and executor can be an overwhelming and stressful responsibility.

Much of an executor’s and conservator’s responsibilities are financial reporting to both the Circuit Court and Federal and State tax reporting authorities. “As a CPA, this was all second nature to me, but I wondered about the “everyday” executor out there. How do these executors manage to meet all of their financial reporting requirements, when they are grieving the loss of a loved one? How do these conservators manage to meet all of their reporting requirements, when they are consumed with taking physical and emotional care of their loved one?”

And so was born Estate Accounting Solutions…a niche accounting firm offering personalized service with expertise and compassion. “I have been where these executors are, and I have been where these conservators are. It is a monumental responsibility to do right by your loved ones, all the while being sure to meet your strict reporting deadlines. I can understand how it can be overwhelming. That is how Estate Accounting Solutions came to be. I was, and 8 years later continue to be, honored and humbled to be entrusted with such a personal aspect of my clients’ lives. I truly enjoy hearing how I have taken a weight from their lives. I like to take some of that weight on my shoulders, and walk together with my client, until all of their responsibilities of being an executor, a trustee, a conservator, or a guardian have been fulfilled with the utmost degrees of compassion and integrity.”

From our humble beginnings, Estate Accounting Solutions has helped hundreds of clients throughout Virginia. We have a 100% approval rating, meaning 100% of all reports filed with the Commissioners of Accounts have been approved. “I was an auditor for a Big Six accounting firm for many years. I prepare these reports from an auditor’s perspective, which is exactly how they like to see them. So you can be assured that having Estate Accounting Solutions prepare your fiduciary accounting report will result in an approval from the Commissioner of Accounts, which should be the goal of every accounting report filed.”

There are many reasons that lead a potential client to seek professional assistance from Estate Accounting Solutions. From the elderly executor who does not have the means to prepare a lengthy and detailed accounting report, to the conservator who is time-strapped due to a full-time job and the responsibility of caring for an aging parent, to the guardian who has 2 children of his own and is the legal guardian of his niece and nephew, to the trustee who has been appointed yet has no financial reporting experience. Whatever your reason to make that initial call, be assured that Kelly Pinckard will give you the personalized service you need at the time you need it most.