“I can never find the words to thank her”

Back in 2007, my family went through a very difficult period. My father came down with dementia along with several other medical issues. It was decided that I take over his health care and finances by way of court order. Little did I know this would be a very long process being his legal guardian and handling his estate.

The court order and paperwork seemed pretty simple. As I started out I found myself lost…drowning in over due taxes and IRS calls and letters coming in for late tax payments. I knew then I needed help in order to get things going in the right direction. I contacted Kelly Pinckard. We spoke over the phone and set up an appointment to get things moving. As with meeting someone new, you have so many questions. From our first meeting things began to make sense. She took her time to make sure all of my questions were answered. She prepared the steps we needed to get things in order with my father’s Estate and finances. Kelly made sure I could call or email her whenever I had a question about what her plans were when dealing with the IRS, my audits from the state, and was there for me when I felt lost. What stood out the most for me and my family was her professionalism. There was never a time when I felt like she was just here for the money.

Kelly takes a lot of pride in all aspects of her job. She knows what it takes to get things done. If I had to do it all over again, I would contact Kelly and tell friends and other family members to contact her when they are in need of someone that will take pride and do things the right way. I can never find the words to thank her. I will always have the utmost respect for her and the way she conducts herself. My father passed away on May 28th 2014….Kelly spent close to eight years with me and my family…without her knowledge and support, I cant say where I would be today. Thank you again.